Man's search for stolen flag signed by son killed in Afghanistan goes viral

A central Washington man's search for his last connection to his son who was killed in Afghanistan has gone viral on Facebook and has been shared across the country. 

Shawn Marceau of White Swan, Wash. posted to Facebook Friday asking for help to find an American flag signed by his son and fellow soldiers. He says the flag was stolen out of his truck last month.

Marceau has had no luck searching for the flag on his own so he posted on Facebook hoping someone would come across it. It's been shared more than 12,000 times since Friday. Comments say it's been shared in Texas, Minnesota and Connecticut among other places. 

"This flag belonged to my son who was killed in Action in Sangin, Afghanistan. The significance to this flag is that the entire platoon signed it, including my son," Marceau writes in the post.

His son, Joe Jackson, was killed in action, along with several others in his platoon, while serving a 6-month deployment in Afghanistan.

“It’s very sentimental to us that we get this back,” Marceau told KGW. “It’s our last keepsake with Joe because he had that flag over his bed before he went out on his last patrol.”

Marceau says he's trying to raise money to offer a reward for the flag. He hopes getting the word out will lead to the flag's return.

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