Man said he was high on DXM when he randomly stabbed Spokane Valley boy

An eight-year-old boy is expected to be okay after he was viciously attacked at at the HiCo on Sprague.

Deputies said 30-year-old Bruce Derek Landahl appeared to be under the influence of drugs and even repeatedly tried to slip his cuffs off while in the police cruiser.

Landahl said he was high on DXM, which is short for dextromethorphan, a cough suppressor found in many common cold medicines. He said he doesn't drink alcohol or take any other drugs, and that most people can't tell when he's on DXM.

"It heightens all of my senses to the point where I can see white noise and hear what we're not supposed to hear around us. I can take up to five boxes a day and be perfectly normal in my everyday life."

DXM can cause an increase in perceptual awareness and/or hallucinations, according to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

UPDATE: A previous version of this story contained graphic content. Out of respect for the victim and his family, we’ve edited that content out.

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