Chris Svoboda

SPOKANE VALLEY, WASH. - Chris Svoboda and his wife were at his grandparents' house dropping off their kids and heard the chopper overhead. Spokane County Sheriff Department's Air One was looking for two missing girls from Ponderosa Elementary School who disappeared earlier in the day.

That's when Chris's wife pulled out her phone to see what was going. "We drive past Edge cliff park and come up to 9th and Park. My wife's in the passenger seat looking at these two girls pictures and low and behold there they are walking on the sidewalk, and my wife is like man I'm pretty sure those are the girls," Chris told KHQ.

A father himself to four girls, Chris couldn't imagine the panic the parents of the then missing girls were feeling so he called crime check to report their location. "I see them sitting on the playground and I approached them as they got up to leave and asked them if they were lost. Which they told me no. And I said, 'oh because you look like two girls that were reported missing' and they said that they had heard about that on the news. And said, 'that's weird because those two girls look identical to you' and they then said it's not us," said Chris.

However, Chris wasn't buying their story. He held up his phone to look at the pictures and to make sure it was actually the girls. Once he confirmed it was them, he asked the girls to sit down and wait for deputies to arrive. "They both looked kind of a little frantic and I said, 'just come over here and sit down on this picnic bench police will be pulling up any second.' As soon as I said that swoop cop was pulling in literally 20 seconds later," added Chris.

Chris says he isn't a hero. "I was just doing what any father should you know. I knew they had parents out there, mom and dad that are probably stressed as can be. So I figured you know what I am going to go over there and make sure these girls get returned to their parents you know," Chris said.

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