Agencies seize roughly 100 California houses tied to China-based criminals

(AP) - The Benton County Sheriff's Office discovered $1.6 million worth of illegal marijuana at a Washington house while checking on a domestic dispute report.


The Tri-City Herald reports deputies and gang team members seized 1,600 plants from the house.


Authorities say nobody had been arrested as of Wednesday evening, but the suspects involved in the two large, unlicensed growing operations have been identified.


A search warrant of the house was issued in connection to the domestic dispute report, but the marijuana was found instead.


Benton County Sheriff Jerry Hatcher says it appears the growers tapped into the Benton Irrigation District's line to water the plants.




Information from: Tri-City Herald,

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6/22/2017 8:09:37 AM (GMT -7:00)

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