MARSHALL, Wash. - Wednesday will officially mark one week since the small town of Marshall had running water. Now, with bottled water running out, volunteers are asking for help.

On Tuesday, August 13, testing was being done on the town's 310 foot well before a new pump can be ordered. The broken pump, which was installed back in 1979, was removed, leaving the town dry. 

Currently, there's no timetable as to when the water will be back on and safe to drink. It could be anywhere from a few weeks to a month an a half. 

The 70 or so people living in the small community are doing everything they can to make the best of a tough situation. Some used buckets to collect rain water over the weekend. Others visited nearby family and friends. 

With no real end in sight, volunteers with the town are asking for help. 

"We do need water badly here," Volunteer Patty Labeau said. "We need people to know."