The Spokane County Sheriff's Office is investigating the death of a teenager from Mead High School after friends said he took multiple drugs. 

According to court documents, 17-year-old Michael Garrison was found unresponsive on January 11 by two friends during a sleepover. 

Garrison was transported to the hospital and pronounced dead.

The court documents said that the two friends told detectives that they witnessed Garrison snort Percocet and eat Xanax multiple times during the sleepover. 

During the sleepover, Garrison and one of the friends left Garrison's home to purchase Percocet but the friend told detectives he does not know who sold the drugs to Garrison. 

One of the friends told detectives that Garrison lost consciousness around 4:30 a.m. but was still breathing, so they moved him to his bed.

Eight hours later, the friends discovered Garrison vomited while sleeping and was gray in color, prompting them to call 911. 

The two friends also informed detectives that another friend had been present at the home that night, but hadn't slept over.

The third friend told detectives that he saw Garrison and the other two teens snort something together. The third friend also said he saw Garrison turn pale in color, prompting the others to try to "revive him." 

The third friend continued to tell detectives that the other teens asked him to go home after trying to revive Garrison. 

According to court documents, Garrison had previously been arrested at Mead High School for having 30 to 40 pills of Xanax on school property. 

Spokane County Sheriff's Office continues to investigate what lead up to the death and where the drugs came from.