Mead High School student threatened over Snapchat

A threatening Snapchat sent to a student at Mead High school has several people worried. At one point the sender even threatens the student's life.

Not only is the school district looking into it, the Spokane County Sheriff's Office is also investigating as they search for the person behind these serious threats. 

"Its very traumatic to have fear for your child's safety or her life."

Melissa McCabe says the last few weeks have been an absolute nightmare. Her daughter, who goes to Mead High School, has been threatened by an unknown person at school and over the social media app Snapchat.   

The last message, threatening her daughter's life after the person learned she had reported what had happened.    

Reporting it to the school, Melissa wanted everyone to know what was going on.       

Mead Principal Jeff Naslund tells KHQ that as soon as the school learned about the threats they alerted their resource officer and the sheriff's office.    

They also have a plan in place making sure there's someone with her at all times. 

"She actually checks in in the main office in the morning and checks out in the main office at the end of school and throughout the day she's escorted to class in order to make sure that she's safe at school," Principal Naslund told KHQ.

 Tonight Melissa has a simple message for the person threatening her daughter.

"Just stop. This is not okay. Ever. Life is valuable. Don't threaten someone's life."    

If the person behind these threats is found and it turns out they are a student, they could be facing expulsion and possibly even criminal charges.