SPOKANE, WA - "This election gets to the heart and soul of the Mead School District. And it's really a question of what type of district do we want to have," Toby Doolittle, the Mead Education Association President said.

Election day is next week and one school board race is already making waves. Carmen Green is fighting for her spot against BrieAnne Gray and topics vary from COVID precautions to critical race theory.

A subject now leading discussion ahead of the Mead School Board race between Carmen Green and BrieAnne Gray is about a suggested reading list released by Creekside Elementary School earlier this year, originally pulled from the Seattle Children's Museum - it had a controversial book listed.

And so... A critical race is now centering around critical race theory as political lines are drawn.

"I've seen a race that is extremely divisive in our community. It is playing into a greater fear, I think of, of things nationally, that are unfortunate, because I don't think those things exist in the meet school district," Doolittle said.

Tana: Things like critical race theory? "Yeah, things like critical race theory," he said.

Both candidates are vying for position number 5 on the board. Gray's team sent these flyers to Mead parents aimed at changing the curriculum at Mead schools.

"I think these social and political agendas don't belong in the schools," Gray said.

However, according to Doolittle the district has never taught critical race theory.

"It's not appropriate," he said.

"I think it's a political tactic and you make people fearful of what's coming even though critical race theory isn't a part of any of our curriculum," Green said.

"The school and my opponents are quick to say there isn't critical race theory being taught in schools but I think that we can see from examples and from some of the stories that its principles are seeping into our school now," Gray said. 

Other topics are also being discussed including pandemic precautions and responses, this on the heels of 4 district employees being fired because of the state's vaccination mandate.

"School boards are designed to represent the community and schools should be run locally," she said. "I think the decision to wear masks also need to be made by the local school board."

"Do I agree with it, not necessarily. I'm watching good people have to be let go," Green said. "The mask mandates in school if we vote against it and we vote to push forward on it which a lot of people wanted us to do - we will lose our funding from the state. I will not put our schools in jeopardy."

Both candidates said they want to support student learning and recovery as districts have seen dips this past year and a half.

Again, election day is Nov. 2nd so if you are in the Mead School District, it's good to read up on the candidates' platforms. 

BrieAnne Gray: https://www.brieannegray4mead.com/

Carmen Green: https://www.greenformead.com/experience


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