Mead School District

The Mead School District is reporting their first positive cases of COVID-19 which originated inside schools.

According to Mead's COVID-19 dashboard, over the past two weeks there have been 85 positive cases within schools in the district. 65 of those cases have been students and 20 have been staff. 

Of those 65 cases, five of them have originated inside schools, all of which are staff members within the district.

UPDATE: The school district contacted KHQ today to tell us that they mistakenly marked two staff members positive at Prairie View Elementary, there is actually only one staff member positive. In total, there are five staff members who have contracted the virus at Mead School District schools. 

One staff member contracted the virus at Prairie View Elementary, one at Northwood Middle School, two at Mead High School and one at Mt. Spokane High School.

None of the 65 students that are COVID-19 positive have contracted the virus at school, according to contact tracers. 

216 students and 13 staff members are currently in quarantine due to being close contacts of someone who tested positive for COVID-19. 

The school district also says that as of Wednesday, they are pausing updating their dashboard with where cases have originated due to a shortage of contact tracers. They will continue updating the dashboard with the total number of positive cases, the number of close contacts in quarantine, and the number of students attending school in person.

They also say they will continue to be in contact with all families of those exposed to COVID-19.