SPOKANE, Wash. - The 81st annual Spokane Lilac Festival Parade is happening Saturday night. It's one of Spokane's favorite traditions as floats cruise down the streets of Downtown Spokane with princesses and queens representing communities from all over our region.

"As of last weekend, it was about 900 hours," Mike Moore, Vice President of the Lilac Float, said.

900 hours to put a float together. But, it's the one all of Spokane looks forward to, the Lilac Festival float.

"Every year is new and special, we get a new royal court every year, new theme every year," Moore said.

Moore has been volunteering to construct the Lilac Float since 1972. Saturday morning, for the first time, the Lilac princess' got to see where they’d be waving from during the parade.

"Oh they loved it this morning, they wanted to crawl up on it before I even had it parked," Moore said.

But this was only one float, of more than twenty, that were all parked together underneath the I-90 overpass.

"If it happens to rain, we're covered, if it's really hot, we're covered," Moore said.

Each float had every inch covered in some sort of decoration. They had lights, animals, objects that spun around, and behind each float, a designer.

"It is a lot of work, it's a lot of fun," Olympia Capital Lakefair float designer, Jeff Hunt, said.

Hunt brought his float over from the west side, and on parade day, he had some trouble getting it started.

"We had a dead battery this morning, had to jump it, then of course the classic car doesn't like cooler weather, so it was flooded, we had to take care of that," Hunt said.

It started up again, and Hunt said he made sure of it, because building floats isn't easy.

"We do it all on our own, strictly volunteers, every year we tear down to the bare bones and rebuild it," Hunt said.

The parade route starts on Washington, and heads to First Ave, then zigzags it's way to Spokane Falls Blvd by City Hall.

"The parade route is so active, and everybody participates. It's a wonderful thing, we truly enjoy it," Hunt said.

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