After a beautiful Valentine's Day, much messier weather is on tap for our Saturday.
This storm will come in 2 waves. Wave #1 will arrive late tonight and into early Saturday morning, with many areas getting a dusting of snow as temps dip right near freezing. Pretty straight-forward, and any accumulations should be less than 1" in the valleys.
Wave #2 is where it gets a little trickier. It's set to arrive in the early afternoon on Saturday. That's when our temperatures will be at their warmest, in the upper-30s and low-40s. But even with "mild" temperatures we could still see snow falling, it'll just have a hard time sticking. The best chance to see snow stick will of course be in the mountains (heavy snow), but we could also get some accumulation, especially in the valleys of the Panhandle and across parts of the Palouse. Some wet snow is possible at times around Spokane, but looks like it'll have a very tough time sticking.
All of this will sag to the south through Saturday evening, meaning parts of the Camas Prairie will see rain and snow lasting a little longer, before we dry out on Sunday.
Again...this storm has been a tough call all week long because of the temperatures associated with it. That's making snowfall total forecasts very difficult. What you see below is what we're going with now, make sure to stay tuned for updates if that changes. (Make sure to check the times on the top of the graphics!)
Overall, I think this will be a relatively low-impact event in the lower elevations, with the worst conditions in the mountains. So plan ahead if you have to travel over the passes this weekend! Next week we get back to the dry weather and sunshine!