Miss Liberty

Spokane, Wash. - Wall Street on Spokane's lower South Hill is quiet with people out walking their dogs along a street lined with charming houses.

Early Monday morning, the street was filled with suspicious activity. Just ask Miss Liberty, Gabby Dansereau, who woke up to it.

"At around 3 am to 3:30 am there was a bright light shining into my window so of course, it caught my attention," Gabby told KHQ Local News.

Gabby's a criminal justice major at Gonzaga University.  Curious, she put on her detective hat to see what was going on outside.

"So I looked out the window and saw a gray Jeep Cherokee the Grand Cherokee version kind of two doors down, and it was parked right in the middle of the street. I found that to be very odd," described Gabby.

Gabby says she saw someone dressed in all black get into that SUV and speed off down the road. She stayed up for a while, but didn't know she had fallen victim to a crime until later when she went to go get into her car broken glass was covering the interior and grass outside.

"I was very surprised that this is what my car looked like instantly tears hit the floor. I was bawling my eye's out and then after that was oh my gosh," said Gabby.

Her gym bag and cycling shoes that she uses to teach spin classes were gone. But two very important and sentimental items were also missing; Her Miss Liberty sash and her crown.

"I worked so hard, and there's so much meaning behind that crown so I wish people would just understand that and hopefully return my crown," added Gabby.

While she wants justice, miss liberty did learn a valuable lesson in this case "Not to leave valuables or anything insight in your vehicle."