Mt. Spokane

Update Jan. 15, 3:27 pm:

A skier who briefly went missing on Mt. Spokane on Wednesday had reportedly gone out of bounds. 

According to Mt. Spokane, the skier realized he wouldn't be able to get out and called 911 to report that he was lost. 

He eventually ended up finding another skier and the two of them made it out together. 

Mt. Spokane stressed the importance of skiing with another person and having a cellphone on you. 

Update Jan. 15, 2:59pm: 

Mt. Spokane says a missing skier who was last seen in a remote area on the mountain was found safe by another skier.  

Previous Coverage: 

MT. SPOKANE - Mt. Spokane is sending snowmobiles to look for a missing skier who was last seen in a remote area on the mountain. A representative of the mountain resort told KHQ that the skier was last seen in the Blanchard Creek/Axford road area.

He said that backpacking/cross-country skiers often get turned around in that area, which is remote. But he said they are usually found quickly. That isn't the case in this incident.

He said that the area is too remote to send the ski patrol, so they are sending snowmobilers to look for the lost skier.

KHQ has a crew heading that way, we will bring you any new information as we get it.