SPOKANE, Wash. - Emily Vincent is living every parent's worst nightmare.

As of Tuesday, her 17-year old daughter has been missing for a week. Sara McNease, also known as Sara Vincent, disappeared after telling her mother she had safely made it to Spokane Community College's campus. Now, Emily and Sara's grandmother, Denise Clements, are taking some search efforts into her own hands.

"It's been a week of her missing, and it seems like nobody knows anything," Emily said.

The two visited the Spokane International Airport to hand out fliers bearing Sara's picture and details about how she looked the last time she was seen. They brought them to ticket desks, TSA agents and airport police in the hopes someone can help find her. Through tears, Emily told them about her daughter and the last time she spoke to her.

Emily says she replays every moment of the last day she spoke to her daughter in her head, but she can't remember anything strange.

"[We] told each other we loved each other and hung up," Emily Vincent said. "There was nothing abnormal about it. No sounds in the background, no anything weird to make you think something else was going on."

When Emily didn't hear from her daughter, she knew something was wrong. Sara's backpack, phone and keys were all neatly placed inside her car on campus. Her phone had been wiped. Emily was able to recover her daughter's data, but all of her social media account, texts and emails looked completely normal.

There was a note saying Sara was with her boyfriend, but Emily says she doesn't have one. Now, she's fearing the worst.

"We want to know she's safe," Emily Vincent said. "Our biggest fear is that she's in a ditch somewhere. It's not a good feeling, not knowing your kid's not safe."

An official investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information about Sara McNease/Vincent's whereabouts is asked to call Crime Check at 509-456-2233.