MLPD: Moses Lake man with warrants makes 'poor tactical decision' to run from 'officer who actually enjoys running'

A Moses Lake tow truck driver is getting credit for assisting officers with arresting a felon on the run

On Thursday afternoon, a Moses Lake Police Officer spotted 34-year-old Jeremiah Hamilton walking near Lauzier Playfields. Knowing Hamilton had felony warrants, the officer tried to stop him. 

"Hamilton then made a poor tactical decision to try to flee on foot. Hamilton clearly underestimated the fitness of the officer, who is one of those people who actually enjoys running really long distances and does it regularly," the department said in a release. "Hamilton had a head start, and dumped his backpack to make better time."

Hamilton and the officer both made it across Highway 17 safely and the pursuing officer "was in better shape," caught up with Hamilton and took him down. 

Hamilton resisted arrest, despite "an application of pepper spray," according to police. 

Moses Lake Towing driver Juan Pineda noticed the arrest taking place and pulled his truck over to assist. With Pineda's help, Hamilton was taken into custody in no time, but "Just as quickly as he arrived, Pineda hopped back in his truck and went back to work."

Hamilton was booked into the Grant County Jail for a felony Department of Corrections warrant as well as three misdemeanor warrants. Inside his backpack, Officers located over 40 grams of marijuana, as well as paraphernalia with heroin residue and a smoking device. Resisting arrest and drug charges will be filed.

Posting on their Facebook page, the Moses Lake Police Department added, "To preemptively address the inevitable comments, we do realize marijuana is a naturally occurring plant that is mostly legal in this state. However, state law still says it is illegal to possess more than 40 grams, and we enforce state law. And heroin is just icky."

"We would like to thank Pineda for stopping and helping," the department said. "That seems to be part of what Moses Lake Towing is about, as there have been several incidents in which MLT drivers have assisted officers with dangerous situations going back many years. We try to partner with our community, and we appreciate the help."

They also added the appropriate hashtags: #DontRunFromTheSkinnyCops #ThinkWhenYouFlee #Frogger

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