Montana man cautions pet owners after coyote takes bites out of dog

A Montana pet owner took to Facebook Tuesday to warn pet owners of the danger that coyotes present to domesticated animals. 

Mark Braun shared several images of his dog's wounds after a coyote took several chunks out of his skin. Since posting the shocking images- his warning has been shared thousands of times. 

"If anyone ever wonders why people hunt coyotes, this is what I'll show them. This happened right in our yard the other night. I'm sure it was a valiant fight to protect the family. He is feeling much better now though," Braun wrote. 

Braun says he took his dog to the vet, and he is currently being treated with antibiotics and an antibacterial spray. 

"Regardless how you feel about hunting, the animals that did this, did it right where my kids go out to play. This is not something I care to have happen. So I will try to take care of that issue however I can," Braun says. 

Braun said that his dog is on the mend, and his family is keeping a close eye to make sure that the wounds heal properly without infection. 

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