Montana man dead after lengthy standoff inside Billings sporting goods store

Update: The Billings Police Department says a man who drove into the Big Bear Sports Center in Billings, Montana, Saturday is dead. An officer involved shooting investigation has begun. The name of the man killed has not yet been released.

Police say that over the course of several hours, a man exchanged gunfire with officers in a standoff at the Billings store before responding officers were able to enter the store and contain the situation.It was not clear Saturday afternoon whether the man was killed by police or by a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Police Chief Rich St. John reports no officers were hurt, but calls it one of the most difficult situations he's ever been involved with. 

Chief St. John reports as many as seven officers may have exchanged gunfire throughout the standoff, which started around 3 a.m. Those officers that fired their weapons will be placed on administrative leave while the investigation is completed.

The investigation is ongoing Saturday. 

Previous coverage:

An active shooter situation is underway at Big Bear Sports Center in Billings, Montana, according to our sister station KULR8. Police were currently negotiating with the shooting suspect, and at last report there were no hostages inside the store.

Captain Kevin Iffland with the Billings Police Department says a person used a vehicle to break into the front doors of the building.

Capt. Iffland says that person has fired shots toward officers out of the building. Officers are attempting to negotiate with that individual.

Capt. Iffland confirms they did use a flashbang grenade to help contain the situation. 

They are trying to minimize as many shots coming out of the building as possible by parking their B.E.A.R. vehicle and other large vehicles in front of the doors. 

There are no reports of injuries and all officers are OK.

Surrounding stores in the area are confirmed to be closed by Capt. Iffland and store employees. 

Police are asking everyone to stay away from the area. 

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