Montana middle school student told to change on picture day

A Montana mother took to Facebook Thursday after she says her daughter was notified of a dress code violation.

Melissa Armington posted a picture of her daughter's outfit in question, writing:

"My daughter Vegas got dressed coded today at school. Because her shoulders are showing. I understand that is policy is in place because of some board but really! My daughter is 11, if you think that her shoulders are distracting you should not work at a school with children. Dress codes have gotten ridiculous when you can not wear a pretty dress. Things need to change!"

Thursday was picture day for Lockwood's Eileen Johnson middle school and Vegas wanted to wear a dress given to her by her sister.

But Melissa Armington says that she got a call from her daughter, asking for a change of clothes.

Superintendent Tobin Novasio told KULR8 that page 33 of the school's dress code states in bold that "all shirts must have sleeves."

"It's body shaming our girls," Melissa Armington told KULR8. 'It's teaching our girls that what they wear is so much more important than being in school and being part of the class." 

What do you think? Is this outfit a distraction?