Montana woman accused of burglarizing Spokane homes

When Danielle Norman came home from work Tuesday, she was all too familiar with the signs of a break-in. But she was surprised this happened again after upping her home security. This burglar went the extra mile to get into the Norman's home.

"I never imagined someone to stand on a stack of chairs and scale on to an AC unit eight feet off the ground," Norman said.

Norman said a 57-year-old woman kicked their window in, but to do that, she also had to bust open through a wood pannel.

"I'm surprised she attempted it," Norman said.

The family has video, of who police believe is Susan Czapiewski, stealing from the home. Norman said she took money from her kid's piggy banks, DVD's, X-Box games, a Kitchen-Aid mixer, and strangest of all, Chuck-E-Cheese coins.

"Items that couldn't get a lot of money for her," Norman said.

Police have arrested Susan Czapiewski for the burglary, but not before Norman posted to Facebook about the break-in. Other neighbors in the area recognized the same woman from breaking into their home the same week.

Later that afternoon, Czapiewski was pulled over in Kootenai County because she was driving a car with stolen plates.

The police report says Czapiewski had admitted to having just had a "couple swigs" of rum

Rum, that was stolen from Norman's fridge.

"The break-ins were at 10:30 in the morning, so if you're a working family you don't have anybody home," Norman said.

Norman hopes from this incident, that something can change. 

"Here in Millwood we have a S.C.O.P.E. shop and a fire station, they're not on-call and doing stuff all day long, there's down time. So why aren't they patroling around or just driving to give a presence," Norman said.

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