COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho - Drivers can expect additional delays as crews work to mop up the remaining corn syrup along I-90 that spilled along the interstate following a semi-truck crash.

Tens of thousands of gallons of syrup spilled on to the interstate Wednesday morning after the semi-truck carrying the syrup tripped over in the Westbound lanes near the Sherman Street exit.

Idaho Department of Transportation crews had one lane open, but when they attempted to move the over-turned semi-truck, even more syrup spilled onto the roadway and blocked all the Westbound lanes.

Drivers were stuck on the interstate for hours, some in the freezing cold after they turned their cars off to conserve gas.

Others ran out of gas, and Idaho Department of Transportation crews had to bring the driver gas once the road re-opened.

According to the Idaho Department of Transportation, some patches that remain on the interstate are estimated to be 10-inches deep. Crews will be closing down sections of I-90 while they work to remove the rest of the syrup.