Moses Lake Police discover 7.7 lbs of meth, heroin during traffic stop

A traffic stop by Moses Lake Police lead to the seizure of a total of 7.7 lbs of methamphetamine and heroin Thursday morning. 

An officer stopped 27-year-old Jose Miranda Jimenez from Quincy for a traffic violation on East Broadway. 

Police say that Jimenez was uncooperative, and the officer quickly noticed evidence of drugs inside the car. 

When Jimenez was told to get out of his car, he actively resisted. 

After a short scuffle, officers took him into custody. 

Jimenez was found in possession of 2.7 ounces of heroin stuffed inside a condom- a somewhat unique packaging solution for the drugs. 

A search warrant for the vehicle revealed a larger amount of drugs inside. 

A total of more than 3 lbs of methamphetamine and 4.7 lbs of heroin, also stuffed into condoms. 

Officers found scales, packaging materials, and receipts from a large international money transfer. 

Jimenez was booked into the Grant County jail on charges of possession of heroin and methamphetamine with intent to deliver and obstructing a law enforcement officer. 

He will also face federal immigration charges. 

The case will be forwarded to the Drug Enforcement Agency for consideration of federal charges. 

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