Moses Lake Police take down convicted felon in possession of four guns after wild pursuit

Moses Lake Police arrested a 34-year-old convicted felon Tuesday afternoon after a wild pursuit that included a collision with a US Marshal's car. 

Officers received information that Michael Castoreno was in the area and they knew he had a Department of Corrections warrant and an Adams County warrant on drug charges. They found Castoreno's car at home in the Terrace area and set up surveillance. 

While waiting for assistance from US Marshals, Castoreno decided to leave the house in his car. Officers knew Castoreno had a history of fleeing from police and it was reported he also had a firearm. 

"As the police moved in, Mr. Castoreno decided he did not want to go to jail and continued to drive away," the department said on Facebook. "Unfortunately for him an officer had been positioned, just in case, with spike strips and these were deployed spiking at least two of his tires."

Castoreno headed south on Highway 17 on just one inflated tire at about 35 miles per hour. Castoreno eventually ended up in Warden and collided with a US Marshal's car. 

Castoreno eventually decided to stop his car but kept running on foot. 

MLPD K-9 "Chief" was deployed and successfully took down Castoreno, with the assistance of Moses Lake Police Chief Kevin Fuhr. 

"#ChiefTagTeam" the department quipped. 

Castoreno was booked into the Grant County Jail on a host of charges. 

Officers later found four handguns in Castoreno's car, which as a convicted felon, he is not allowed to have. 


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