Kids walk home due to crowded bus

One Spokane mother is sharing her horror story when her daughter was not on the school bus she was supposed to be on.

"I felt completely empty, like I had nothing left inside me anymore," Teresa Valliere said.

She says it's a day she'll never forget.

With another day of kindergarten wrapped up for her 5-year-old daughter at Linwood, Valliere was anxiously waiting to see her at the bus stop.

But when the bus pulled up, April was nowhere to be found.

She says the bus driver couldn't remember if he had even seen her that afternoon.

Valliere says they called the school to check if she had gotten on the wrong bus, but not long after, Linwood called her back.

"And they go 'We can't find her, you need to call 911,'" Valliere said.

Valliere tells KHQ that the school later realized they had put her on the correct bus, but the driver let her off at the wrong stop.

"It felt like everything in my body was being ripped out at once," Valliere said.

To her great relief, within minutes of calling the police, the principal from Lidgerwood Elementary called Valliere to say her daughter was safe. Thanks to another parent who saw the young girl walking alone, and looking lost.

"She was walking the streets in an area she's never been before," Valliere said.

Which she was, Valliere rushed to the school.

"She tells me 'I was scared mommy,'" Valliere said.

Valliere tells me that she wants the driver to be held accountable.

"The bus driver should ask them 'do you see your parent,'" Valliere said.

He has been placed on leave, and Durham tells us that all drivers are now being re-trained to double check student tags to make sure they are getting off at the right stop.

Valliere said her daughter will no longer be riding the bus, and is incredibly grateful to the man who rescued her daughter.

"I would love to find the parent and thank them, because that's my little girl," Valliere said.

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