Mother fighting for life after Long Lake boat crash

A mother of two continues to fight for her life after she was involved in a boat crash earlier this week.

It happened on Long Lake late Tuesday night. The victim, 35-year-old Lindsay Mullen, was in the front cabin of a friend's boat when it was hit by another boat. The boat Mullen was in was reportedly anchored and not moving, with lights on.

Mullen said just before the crash, she saw the boat coming. She said the last thing she remembers is popping her head out of her friend's boat and noticing the oncoming boat was "going a little too fast."

Those in the boat who hit Mullen's, as well the two people in her boat, were not hurt. Mullen was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries, including multiple broken bones.

"I have a broken neck," she said. "All I could think of is who is going to take care of my kids?"

Mullen was released from the hospital late Friday.  The crash remains under investigation.

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