Mother of 25-year-old who fell from Palouse Falls wants change

Last May, 25-year-old Cade Prophet posted on Facebook about how excited he was to visit Palouse Falls with his girlfriend. Hours later, he slipped and fell helplessly to his death.

Now his mother, Dorothy Prophet is advocating for change.

As the one-year anniversary of her son’s death approaches, Prophet hopes better signage will be posted at both of the top trails and the bottom of the falls in regards to swimming.

In addition, Prophet wants the Washington State Parks Department to build a cell tower so that emergency services can be reached without having to drive out of the park to get service.

Prophet hopes the fences that were taken down in 2016 should be put back up to keep people from the most dangerous areas around the falls. For avid climbers who really want to access those areas, Prophet recommends a special permit to be issued to them.

Lastly, Prophet thinks children should never be allowed on unimproved trails.

KHQ reached out to the Washington State Parks Department to see what, if any changes, have or will be made. They have not returned our phone calls.

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