Mother of son killed by drunk driver shares her pain

Tonight a mother is speaking out for the first time, sharing her pain, as she tries to heal.

Tuesday night her son was walking near Liberty Park when a driver hit and killed him. Now she wants to make sure no one else dies like her son did.

Today Abigail Valentine and her family visited the spot that changed their lives forever. 

Tuesday night her oldest son Jeffery was hit and killed by a drunk driver as he tried crossing this street on his way to see his cousin-- something he did nearly every day.

"He walked everywhere, even in the snow. He was always careful wherever he went. "    

Abigail received the tragic news from her daughter in a phone call no mother should ever have to get.

 "I asked her what was the matter and she said my son was hit by a drunk driver doing twice the limit on a 30 mile hour area and that they think he had passed away." 

 A caregiver for foster kids, Jeffery's family describes him as a sweet, protective young man and the glue that kept everyone together.

"What bothers me is that the woman who struck my child was under the influence and how fast she was coming down this area. I don't understand how she did not see my child."    

She says the worst part is not being able to see her son.

"I can't even go and see him because of how hard she hit him. he is not recognizable."                                       

Mourning her son's death, Abigail says her focus will be on making changes at the intersection where his life was tragically cut short.

"I would really love for nobody else's loved one to be lost at that spot. There needs to be a stop light there."   

Right now Abigail says the only peace she can take from this loss is that she knows her son is now in a better place.

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