Mountain lion caught on camera in Spirit Lake area

The City of Spirit Lake shared surveillance video of a mountain lion on a resident's property overnight. The city says the resident lives on the east side of town and the homeowners believe there were two mountain lions on their property.

The city says those in the area to be aware and bring pets inside. They also offered tips should you encounter a mountain lion:

1. Stop, stand still and stand tall. Do NOT run! A cougars instinct is to chase.

2. Do not approach the animal

3. Try to appear as large as possible. Never take your eyes off the animal or turn your back. Slowly back away.

4. If the animal is aggressive toward you, shout, wave your arms, throw rocks, and if necessary, fight back.

The city says they don't anticipate any issues as the animals pass through the community, but they want everyone to stay vigilante and safe.

If you live in the area and spot a mountain lion, you're asked to call Spirit Lake Police immediately at (208) 623-2701.

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