K9 Cinemas

Sitting alongside your K9 companion drinking wine or whiskey and watching a flick. Can't get much better than that right?

K9 Cinemas in Plano, Texas, provides that opportunity, and the business is quickly going viral.

At K9 Cinemas, movie goers are allowed to bring their dog along to watch films. There is just three "doggone" rules: clean up after your pet; provide valid papers for your pet's vet on first visit; and two dogs per human allowed.

Folks who buy a $15 ticket have access to free wine and whiskey plus free admission for your dog. If you're under 21, you can enjoy free soft drinks plus a free dog admission. Seniors or children get a free drink and complimentary dog admission. K9 Cinemas also offers MVP packages for frequent movie-goers.

On top of those perks, folks and their pooches can also be comfy lounging on provided couches, and treats are provided for dogs so you don't have to share popcorn, unless you prefer to.

The theater doesn't show any new films and generally will pick a dog-themed movie each night, but does have themed nights like "karaoke margarita night" or "bring your dog to church night."

The company says it has been overwhelmed by the national coverage it has recently had, saying requests are pouring in to open in multiple cities.

"We are taking one year to work out the best system since we are the very first to try this, and then have every intention to franchise nationwide," K9 Cinemas said in a Facebook post. "Every dog lover should get to experience a movie and bottomless wine at a reasonable price with all their loved ones."