Cheney man accused of killing wife with pills appears in court

SPOKANE, Wash. -- A murder charge against a man accused of killing his wife by lacing her ice cream with a deadly dose of medication, has been dropped.

David Pettis was arrested back in October for allegedly grounding up hydrocodone pills and putting them in a mixture of ice cream for his wife, Peggy Pettis. Charges have been dropped, but could be re-filed. Spokane County's Prosecutor Larry Haskell wouldn't elaborate on specifics on the case, simply saying the investigation is "ongoing."

The prosecution is currently waiting for some additional evidence to come in.

Records show Peggy's death initially appeared to be natural, but a family member reached out to detectives suspecting it was a murder. An autopsy revealed the lethal level of medication in her system.

“This is a supposition allegation, innocent until proven beyond a reasonable doubt,” Pettis’ attorney said during his first court appearance.

Back in June, Pettis told deputies he tried to give CPR to his wife the night she died. She was dead by the time paramedics got to their home in Cheney.

Later that night, Pettis told detectives his wife had just been given a “clean bill of health” and was approved for a life insurance policy three days earlier.

Documents say Pettis asked to speed up the process of her toxicology report, saying he needed to collect the life insurance policy to pay for her funeral. During that same time, court documents state he was trying to start something romantic with another woman.

Pettis has been released from the Spokane County Jail.

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