Bus push Las Vegas Cadesha Bishop

A murder suspect from the circulating bus-pushing video has posted bail and been released from jail.

KSNV says the release of 25-year-old Cadesha Bishop has angered many, including the Las Vegas community and District Attorney.

She is accused of pushing a 74-year-old Sergie Fournier out of a bus, who later died from his injuries. Bishop was allowed to post a $100,000 bail, and a judge ruled she could be released last Friday.

"I'm not happy," District Attorney Steve Wolfson said. "I respect the judge's decision, but I can also disagree with the judge's decision."

Court records show Bishop was placed on "high-level" electronic monitoring.

"I think the bail was set too low. I base it on the violent nature of this offense. This was an unprovoked, unnecessary attack on a senior citizen with a walker," said Wolfson.

Surveillance video from the fatal push in March circulated nationwide this week as police were looking for witnesses from the incident on the RTC bus. Fournier passed away on April 23, and Bishop was arrested on May 23. A hearing has been set for May 23.

WARNING: The video contained in this story is graphic. Viewer discretion is advised. 

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