North Idaho College issues statement on murder of nursing student; Hunt for suspect continues

Kelly Pease wrote on Facebook about not submitting herself to domestic violence.

Two days later she was shot in the head in Kootenai Health parking lot.

A series of heartbreaking Facebook posts depict a picture of a woman escaping domestic violence. Like this one from March sixth, where Kelly pease wrote in a status: "I refuse to perpetuate the cycle of domestic violence by exposing my children to it. I do not abuse...therefore I will not submit myself to abuse."

Many were positive messages about looking forward to the future like this meme posted February 27th that said she planned to "look forward to what's coming next."

Farther down her Facebook page, there are multiple posts about leaving relationships, including this one that says in part "learn how to walk away." And "treat every woman the way you'd want your daughter to be treated."

But perhaps most chilling-- a Henry Thoreau quote Pease posted just weeks ago...about death.

"When it comes time to die...let us not discover that we have never lived."

On her statuses, friends and family encouraged her to get help and leave. Many of her most recent statuses showed a woman excited and looking forward to the future. Most recently...the day before she was publicly murdered, mid after noon-- she posted about how excited she was to get out of town and go to a concert. A trip she would never get the chance to take. 

For a list of resources for anyone who might be caught up in an abusive relationship, click here: 

If you are interested in contributing to Kelly Pease's funeral costs, you can click here:

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