MUST READ: Dad keeps secret from daughter for 13 years

It's being called a labor of love. A young woman graduated from high school this week, unaware that for the last 13 years her father had been keeping a secret from her. Graduation day came, and her dad presented her with a book.

It was a copy of Dr. Seuss' "Oh, the places you'll go." When she saw it, the girl thought, "great, another cheesy graduation gift from my dad." But then he said, "No, open it up." On the first page was a short paragraph written by non other than her kindergarten teacher. She says she was still confused. Then dad cleared it up: "Every year, for the past 13 years, since they day you started kindergarten, I've gotten every teacher, coach, and principal to write a little something about you inside this book."

She says the intended effect occurred as she burst into tears. For the next hour, she sat reading through the book, seeing encouraging and sweet words from so many people who played such an important role in her life.

She posted this on Reddit, and ended with, "It is astounding to receive something this moving, touching, nostalgic, and thoughtful. I can't express how much I love my dad for this labor of love."

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