Mysterious flag atop tree appears, then disappears near Fourth of July Pass

An American flag that has been placed atop a ponderosa pine has caught the eye of drivers on Interstate 90 near Fourth of July Pass for years.

Well, the flag reappeared this week but Forest Service crews say it has since been taken down by the random person who put it up.

KHQ went to go check Friday to see if it was there but it was gone. The Forest Service says the flag has appeared atop the tree since 2014 and while it is a patriotic display of pride, it's also illegal.

"We don't authorize people to go out and hang flags or signs, those sorts of things on the public land," Shoshana Cooper, a public information officer for the Idaho Panhandle National Forest said.

Cooper says in the past they've sent specialists out to the tree, but crews determined it was not safe to climb. She added the top of the tree where the flag is place has damaged the tree and could ultimately lead to it dying and falling down. You could also face a fine if you are caught placing a flag or sign on national forest lands.

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