NAACP response to Confederate Flag

Spokane's NAACP Chapter President sent this statement on the Confederate Flag to KHQ:

The Confederate flag is a symbol of division and violence. It is an affirmation of a system of domination where one race of people enslaved people of African descent for their own economic gain. Flying a Confederate flag in this day and age signals hostility towards people of color and it is often meant to intimidate. The Confederate flag is akin to the swastika. Symbols of this type have been appropriated by hate groups and white supremacist groups.

The NAACP locally (and nationally) is an umbrella for all people who want to work towards equality of the races. We in the city of Spokane should want to make sure people of all races feel welcome and valued. Confederate symbols convey the opposite, and therefore have no place in our communities.

The national NAACP and the South Carolina State Conference have advocated for the removal of the Confederate battle flag for 15 years. The NAACP has led a statewide boycott aimed at bringing economic pressure on the state to bring the flag down. President of the national NAACP Cornell William Brooks said “The legislative body of South Carolina now has the opportunity to bring forth a new era of unity on the heels of tragedy. Removing the Confederate flag in this moment is not only ethically right but unequivocally American.” The Spokane NAACP whole-heartedly agrees!

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