Three girls find their forever homes on National Adoption Day

Aden (12), Dunia (9) and Abby (8) officially join the Gillette family on National Adoption Day in Spokane

Photo courtesy of Mindy Arnholt

Balloon and ribbons lined the entrance to a packed Spokane County Courthouse Friday. For nearly 50 kids, this day has been a long time coming.
"Kids out there are like really struggling and they really need someone that can love on them and just like give them what they need," 12-year old Aden Gillette said. 
For Aden, and her two younger sisters, Dunia and Abby, they weren't sure this day would ever come.
"I had like a rough life and I was always just like not, I always thought that I'd never get a forever family," Aden said.
The three sisters have been in and out of the foster care system for seven years, and were starting to lose hope.
"Like all the foster families I've been through, I've kind of felt like that, and like I just didn't feel really welcome," Aden said. 
Last year they came close to adoption, until things fell through at the last minute. 
Then, they met Ethan and Andrea Gillette.
"They're just anything you could dream of," Aden said. "They just welcomed me with open arms and just like, acted like I was their like biological kid."
It took time, but the girls began to trust -- and eventually love -- the Gillettes. Now, almost a year later, the family of six got to make it official.
"These girls are just so worried and stressed, and you they've been, their whole lives, thinking, you know, is someone going to knock on our door and take us away for the 10th, 11th time, and they don't have to worry," Andrea Gillette said.
This "happily ever after" came for nearly 50 other kids in Spokane today. A party complete with games, toys, snacks and even Disney princes and princesses awaited the families after they completed their adoptions in the courtroom. 
Nearly 2,000 kids in the state of Washington are still searching for their forever homes. If you are interested in being a foster parent or want more information about fostering children, click HERE.