Primary voters in Ferry County will not have to pay postage

Leif Forrest checks his mail every day, and with election season in full swing, he was excited to cast his vote. But his ballot never came "We receive mail. We get mail usually every day, and we didn't notice a day that we did not receive mail we just did not receive our ballot as scheduled," Said Leif Forrest.

According to Forrest neither did his neighbors this raised his suspicions that someone took the ballot's out of their mailbox "It doesn't feel like our vote matters that much anyway but then to be denied a ballot is pretty important," added Forrest

But Leif eventually got a replacement ballot after contacting the Spokane County Elections Office. After hearing Leif's story, we headed over to the Spokane County Elections Office where ballots are sorted and counted.

We spoke with Spokane County Elections Manager Mike McLaughlin to find out just how secure your ballot is when it's mailed in. And what they do to make sure your vote counts and they have many layers of security "Every ballot that is returned goes through our sorter is checked against the barcode to make sure it is a valid ballot to be returned, and every signature is verified on all of these ballots," said McLaughlin.

That means for Leif Forrest and his neighbors if someone did steal their ballots and try to turn it in but the signatures from this year's signature don't match past ballots it will raise red flags "It's a big deal. its kind of the foundation what makes America what it is so its a little ballot but a big deal."

If voters have not received their ballots for the general election, they are urged to contact the Spokane County Elections Office at (509) 477-2320.