Neighbors concerned by problem house in North Spokane

Some neighbors in North Spokane are fed up and some even scared of a house on their own street. They say they've watched alarming activity there at all hours of the night.

"I don't feel like my house is safe. There's been all sorts of riff-raff coming and going from the house," said one neighbor who wants to remain anonymous.

There's been a lot of questions from neighbors surrounding the house. "A lot of times there's people coming and going on bicycles. It's different people usually," said the resident.

The neighbor says he's been documenting what's been happening. Snapping pictures of things that just don't look right. He even captured tone of the truck that used to have a pink swastika on it.

People living in the area say they're working together and doing all they can, hoping that police can step in and help.

KHQ talked with police. They say they have taken at least 16 calls about this house so far this year.

We are going to continue to track this story.

Police recommend working with your neighborhood resource officers if you think there’s a nuisance house where you live. For more information:

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