SPOKANE, Wash. - Just days after a shooting rocked this South Hill neighborhood, it's quiet. That's par for the course for in this area, but in the wake of such a violent and terrifying crime, it feels disquieting instead.

There's nothing left but the remnants of what has transpired in the last few weeks--flat tires and marked cars.
"They were hit twice. Scott's car was hit twice, the grey car. Marcy's was once. Mine was once," Nicholas Gamber, one neighbor, recalls gravely.
The full picture of what happened is finally coming into frame.
"I was standing right here. I watched him, and he still denied it. 'You don't know what you're talking about,'" he recalls the shooter saying.
Neighbors had confronted the suspect of the tire slashings several times before, but on Wednesday night, the confrontation turned suddenly violent.
Police identified the man responsible as 65-year-old Gary Cottrill, and the man he shot? That's Scott Jerko.
"Could've hit anybody," Gamber said of the bullet that Jerko took, "and it happened to hit Scott. And Scott's blood is still there on the sidewalk."
For weeks, neighbors have been watching, including the Jerko family, as Cottrill slashed tires around the neighborhood and marked up cars.
"It's his walk around. It's his routine," he said.
Gamber said there have been at least 30 cars impacted, costing thousands. All of the anger ended in what we saw Wednesday night.
"Not one single one of us laid a hand on him. As bad as I was tempted to when I see him go to his pocket, no--I didn't," he said.
And Scott Jerko? He's in critical condition, but stable for the moment. His future, however, is anything but. 

"The bullet entered his mouth. He lost part of his tongue, and it fractured his jaw. The bullet is still lodged in his spinal cord, and they can't remove it because of swelling," Gamber said. "Probably a 50/50 chance that he could be paralyzed."


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