SPD South Hill shooting

SPOKANE, Wash. Shortly before midnight, a quiet South Hill Spokane neighborhood was filled with gunfire.

"Nothing goes on here. It's just nice and quiet," said Jeff Moses, who lives just down the street from where the shooting took place.

Spokane Police tell KHQ they tried to stop 28-year-old Jordan Brown by a Zip Trip on 10th and Maple. Police say Brown had a felony warrant for his arrest.

As officers closed in on Brown, they say he purposely crashed into an unmarked police car and then fired off several rounds at the patrol car hitting it several times.

Moses said in the 22 years he's lived on his street, he's never seen or heard anything like this before.

"What I heard was a series of like four to five gunshots go off, and my first reaction was, 'that's not fireworks that's gunshots,'" Moses said.

Moses said he poked his head out of his door to see what all the commotion was about on his street and says the shooting rattled him.

"I was kind of spooked a little bit. I figured I'd just kind of stay up all night. I slept on the couch," Moses added.

Police say after firing at the patrol car, Brown took off and they started an extensive manhunt on the ground and in the air. They found him hours later hiding still on the south hill and safely took him into custody.

Tuesday, Brown faced a judge who ordered him to stay in jail without bond. He's currently facing charges of theft, criminal solicitation, assault in the 1st degree, possession of a controlled substance in the 2nd degree, unlawful possession of a firearm and drive-by shooting.