Neighbors rescue dog from frigid Honeymoon Bay in Newman Lake

Neighbors in the Newman Lake area are being hailed as heroes after rescuing a young black lab dog who had broken through the ice of Honeymoon Bay Monday morning.

Neighbors heard the animal in distress and rushed to help the dog when they spotted it.

“I looked out when I heard his cries and realized he was in big trouble,” said Elizabeth Huckaby, a resident at Honeymoon Bay and the one of the dog’s rescuers.  “He had broken through the ice and couldn’t get out on his own,” Huckaby told SCRAPS.

Neighbors called SCRAPS and then rushed to figure out how to rescue the pup. One neighbor grabbed a plank of wood and pushed it as close to the dog as possible. Neighbors said the dog was already feeling the effects of the ice cold water.

 “The dog was so lethargic by the time we finally reached him,” said Huckaby.  “In a few more minutes he would have been gone."

When Animal Protection Officer Ted Adams arrived, the dog nicknamed Newman, had been rescued from the water and was being cared for inside but the danger wasn’t over.  The normal temperature for a dog is around 103 degrees.  This lab’s temperature was in only 97 degrees. Officer Adams said the dog was cold to the touch. He said it was a serious situation and they turned the heat up all the way in the cabin to keep the dog warm.

SCRAPS reports Newman has fully recovered, but was not microchipped and did not have a collar or license when he was rescued. So they're still looking for his owner. If anyone has information on the dog or owner, please contact SCRAPS at (509) 477-2532 using the animal id 435132.

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