Neighbors upset about bow and arrow shooting

Tuesday, some people who live near Spokane's Garland District are not even letting their children play outside.

That's because one of their neighbors has been having target practice with a bow and arrow.

Terry Groh shot cell phone video of the shooting very close to his backyard.

"My wife is scared to death," Groh explained.

Even though his neighbor uses a target, if he misses, that arrow could easily land in Terry's backyard.

The Spokane Police said that shooting a bow and arrow is not allowed within city limits, but it is allowed in some parts of Spokane County and Spokane Valley.

For more information about where it is allowed, you can check here.

If you notice someone in your neighborhood shooting a bow and arrow in a place you know it's not allowed, you can call Crimecheck at 509-456-2233.

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