New details in investigation against former SPD chief Frank Straub

The former police spokeswoman, who alleges the former police chief sexually harassed her, will have to re-apply to keep the same job she has in the parks department.

That’s because Monique Cotton is still getting paid by the police department. The parks and recreation department has been discussing for a while to add the position of division communications manager. The city council passed the budget for the coming year, which includes that new position. Now, Cotton could apply for it, but that position is open to any interested candidate. However, the parks department director asserts if she does apply and doesn’t get that job within the parks department, she would still be employed with the city.

We also learned there’s a new player involved, and former chief Frank Straub’s lawyer says the city needs to look more at him.

That person is Lt. Mark Griffiths with SPD. Cotton’s attorney confirmed that she and Griffiths were dating at one point. Griffiths was one of several who signed the complaint letter that led to Straub’s resignation. Griffiths was also a part of the March 31st meeting where Griffiths says Straub screamed and cursed at them.

Straub’s attorney told the Spokesman-Review that Griffiths played a role in Straub’s resignation so the city should look into Griffiths’ relationship with Cotton. KHQ spoke with Cotton’s attorney Wednesday, and he says these assertions are "idiotic."

“I’m now describing it as delusional,” Dunn says. “That somehow a dating relationship between Monique Cotton and Lt. Griffiths had anything to do with the outrageous outburst that this supervisor engaged in in front of five, six different people. The notion that her private life had some bearing on her professional life justified him going off like some kind of crazed person is beyond even belief."

He continued to say, “my client says she was a sexual harassment victim. That's what she's told me and I believe it. I believe it unequivocally.”

Straub’s attorney previously said he denies any sexual harassment allegations.

In regard to the city’s policy on relationships, they say employees can be in a relationship, both familial and romantic, as long as one isn’t supervising the other.

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