New Elementary School To Be Built Thanks to Post Falls Voter Passed $20 Million Bond Levy

POST FALLS, Idaho - Homes and for sale signs as far as the eye can see.

It’s nothing new in Post Falls, which could be Kootenai County’s fastest growing city.

But all that extra dirt left untouched will grow into a $12 million elementary school in the Foxtail subdivision.

Making it the first school in the Post Falls School District to be on the east side of Highway 41.

“It’s kind of a big line of demarcation in our community,” Jerry Keane said.

Keane is the superintendent for the Post Falls School District.

By adding a new elementary school, he says it’s a head start in combating overcrowded classrooms in the district.

“It's no secret that Post Falls is growing and continues to grow," Keane said, “and our student enrollment growth has hovered around 2 percent which represents approximately 150 students a year, new to the district."

No timetable has been set yet on when the district will break ground.

Also included in the $20 million bond levy is the need to update older buildings, which include several elementary, and middle schools.

The reader boards at most elementary schools even thank voters for their support.

Veronica Biaggi is a parent of a student who goes to elementary school in the district.

“That will benefit our children now and in the near future,” she said, "I think that with Coeur d'Alene and Post Falls growing as big as it is, it's not as small as when I was growing up and that it will do some good for our children."

As for the future, Keane says the district will also be taking a look at proposing another bond within the next decade to add a new high school and middle school.

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