SPOKANE, Wash. - New signs, a "peace pole" and that's just the outside.

On the inside, bibles and crosses that once took up space around what once used to be an old church are no more.

Instead, it's basically empty inside the Spokane FAVS Interfaith Center, except for pieces of local art, but that's the theme.

It's supposed to create a neutral setting.

"It's the only interfaith community center in the state of Washington and in the entire country that is not affiliated with a church," Tracy Simmons said.

Simmons is the executive director for Spokane FAVS, an online publication that covers religion that also doubles as a community engagement forum.

Simmons says they opened the Spokane FAVS Center on Saturday with an open house that drew residents, city council members, and local state legislatures.

Simmons hopes that this is the start of something that'll take off.

"I've really seen people get to know each other," Simmons said, "and walls have been broken down between Evangelicals, Muslims, and Jews and Buddhists and a variety of Christians and now we can do it in a physical building."

Simmons added they've received interest from people wanting to reserve the space.

They are also working on having an event where people from all faiths can come together as one.

The Spokane FAVS Center is located at 5115 South Freya Street, Spokane, Washington, 99223.