SPOKANE, Wash. - You probably don't see your 9-5 job as something to look forward to everyday, but for many women in Spokane working at New Leaf Café, they now view going to work as a privilege.

Coffee, customer service, and retail: these are three new skills women at New Leaf Café can add to their resume, through a new training program with "Transitions."

The women who are making your coffee all have a unique story of how they got here, whether they're escaping domestic violence, going through treatment, or never had a chance to finish their education. The coffee shop is here to teach them the skills to get a full-time job after their time at the café.

Christina Gore says it's encouraging to hear that 80% of volunteers, like herself, will find a job within a year after working at New Leaf Cafe.

"It's a really supportive environment, everyone's really encouraging, and patient and it's helped me have something to do everyday and have a routine and schedule. I've worked on my multi-tasking skills, organizational skills, and I've learned how to make coffee, which is my favorite part of the program," Gore said.

New Leaf Café has coffee and pastries, and everything is made by the women in the program. If you'd like to visit, they're open Monday through Friday, from 8 to 3.