SPOKANE, Wash. -- Spokane turned Hollywood, as movie crews took to the streets near the Garland Theater, to begin filming one of the first major-production movies in the state of Washington since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Saturday, actor Neal McDonough-- best known for his roles on the hit series 'Yellowstone' and movies like Captain America, Minority Report, and Band of Brothers-- lead the filming in Spokane. McDonough, sporting a fedora and wool coat, took only a handful of takes before getting the shot he came for. The movie he was filming is a sequel to his indie-western movie 'Red Stone', in which McDonough plays the lead character Boon-- a henchman working for a southern crime lord. 

His second movie 'Boon' is in day three of twenty-two scheduled days of filming. McDonough tells KHQ that he plans to film the entire movie in eastern Washington.

He also says he hopes this film will bring millions of dollars to the local economy, saying he wants to start making more films in the pacific northwest. McDonough currently lives in Point Roberts Washington, with his wife. He says they had originally planned to film on the western side of the state, but after visiting Spokane for the first time during the planning of the film, he fell in love with our beautiful city. 

McDonough says he wants to put Spokane on the map for future filmmakers to come bring their films and production to the area, citing the diverse layout and sprawling countryside of Spokane and the Inland Northwest.

Roughly 45 crew members were out on set Saturday, and a producer tells KHQ that around 42 of them were from Spokane or north Idaho. They also said that all the gear being used in the movie is from the Spokane area, hammering down McDonough's point about supporting the local economy with this film. 

The crew plans to film throughout the month in places like Green Bluffs, Cheney, and even back on the streets again in Garland. The crew is expected to wrap up filming in mid-February.