There’s a new speed camera in Spokane, and Friday’s the last day speeding drivers will get by with a warning.

Officials say the camera is located by the intersection of Joseph and Ash in Northwest Spokane. It’s right behind a flashing school speed limit sign to alert drivers about Ridgeview Elementary students walking in the area.

The Spokane Police Department says the light will start penalizing drivers on Monday and continue through Friday. They say the light will stop when school lets out for the summer, and it will power up again when school resumes in the fall.

The City of Spokane says traffic cameras are located at the following intersections:

  • North and southbound Division St. at Francis Ave.
  • Northbound Hamilton St. at Mission Ave.
  • Southbound Browne St. at Sprague Ave.
  • Northbound Freya St. at Third Ave.
  • West and southbound Second Ave. at Thor St.
  • Eastbound Wellesley Ave. at Ash St.
  • Northbound Division St. at Sprague Ave.
  • Southbound Maple St. at 2nd Ave.
  • Westbound 2nd Ave. at Walnut St.
  • Southbound Browne St. at 3rd Ave.