Newly released video shows what happened on a school bus in Longview, Washington where the driver is accused of being drunk.

In the nearly two hour video, driver Catherine Maccarone rambled on with and without students on the bus.

She talked about her relationships and her bosses.

Maccarone also said this to the high school students on board.

"Hey did you know I was going to be a police officer down in L.A. county you know? I had to like spend a year being either an informant on the crips or the bloods side. Yeah. Yeah. No."

After finishing her high school route, she took elementary school children home.

One of the elementary students called 911 and Maccarone was charged with a DUI.

She resigned Thursday.

The school superintendent says she had no history of anything like this.

He says a new safety procedure is now in place to screen drivers before they leave on their routes.