North Spokane problem house shut down after nearly two decades

A neighborhood near Nevada Park is breathing a sigh of relief after dealing with a problem house for nearly 20 years.

Court documents show the house was known for drug activity, litter, health hazards, and noise. The families living near it described it as a “living hell.”

So when they saw Spokane Police officers show up this morning and kick out whoever was in the house, they were so excited.

Carolyn Arthur says she once tried to have a barbecue on her porch, but never did again.

“There’s cussing and there’s screaming. People throw trash in my yard,” she says. “It’s constant. It’s 24/7.”

Court documents show the various horror stories – like when neighbors called in because there was a man who appeared high blocking traffic and dancing on the sidewalks or when they called in because people who appeared high were causing trouble.

Keep in mind, students walk through this neighborhood to school and children live nearby. That’s why Arthur was afraid to leave her house at night.

So how did this house finally get shut down? It was little more complicated because the owner of the house didn’t want to evict who was living there. Police say they used an abatement process, which takes longer, but now the city has control over the home. The city will likely work with the owner on figuring out what to do next.

Now that police have boarded up the home, Arthur feels a little better about going out at night.

“I told my husband we should almost go out to dinner for a celebration,” she says.

Police recommend working with your neighborhood resource officers if you think there’s a nuisance house where you live. For more information:

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