A North Spokane Walmart employee who tested positive for COVID-19 is coming forward to share his plea for store customers. 

Spencer Gillett said his last full day at work was Sunday, March 29. He finished his shift in the Online Grocery Pickup (OGP) department and noticed his back was hurting. Exhaustion, a high fever, and a loss of his sense of taste weren't far behind. He said his doctor called him with his positive COVID-19 test results on Friday. 

Gillett said the diagnosis didn't seem real at first, and he's worried about the droves of people coming into Walmart who aren't taking the pandemic seriously.

"I wish people would just realize what we actually put on the line for working there. We're essential personnel, Gillett said. "We're there to only be essential, that means to only get what you need and then leave, not to actually shop during this time. Only get what you need."

Gillett described entire families coming into the store and digging through DVD bins that many other people have touched. He doesn't think customers are following public health guidelines as they should be, and others are paying the price of their choices. 

Gillett said he's feeling significantly better as of Sunday, April 5. He told KHQ that Walmart has been great to him throughout the experience, and he is quarantined at home with pay until further notice. He said his OGP coworkers who were exposed are also quarantined at home with pay.